Why should you tailor a suit?

If you have yet to tailor your very first custom-made suit, it can seem like an expense that can be unnecessary.

However, there is a huge difference!

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Guide to buying your first suit

There will be a moment you will need to get your first suit.

Your first job interview, your best friend’s wedding. Or being invited to some ballroom event.

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Wedding suit guide for the groom

CONGRATULATIONS! It’s a “Yes”! You are entering the next chapter of your relationship with your partner and here comes the big event, The Wedding.

Choosing the right suit for the occasion can be a tough decision for many grooms but what we can suggest you right from the start is…

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Difference between Peak, Notch & Shawl Lapel

A lapel is the collar of a coat or jacket. Essentially, there are 3 main types of lapel. However, they can vary in size, choice of material, and in certain instances, some level of customisation.

Let us share with you the three types of lapel and their main differences.

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How a tailored shirt should fit

There will never be a perfect answer to how a perfect fitting shirt should look. But in general, the following are some standards of how a shirt should fit. Keep a look out on the 6 areas!

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How to care for a shirt

Taking care of your tailored shirts can be a daunting task. However, given proper care, a good tailored shirt can actually last for several years!

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How to iron a dress shirt

To look your best, you need to keep your dress shirts looking their best! In order to achieve that, you would have to iron them. To do this effectively, you may consider our recommendations as follow:

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Types of collars

A spread collar is probably the most versatile of the different types of shirt collars out there. It is a very popular collar and considered one of the staples of European style.

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Types of cuffs

The shirt’s cuff is the component which wrap around your wrist. It is an additional piece of fabric that is sewn onto the sleeve of a shirt and may be fastened either by buttons, studs or cufflinks.

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How to measure your body for shirt?

Perhaps, on a rare occasion, you’d want your own body measurements for your online shopping on Zalora or ASOS or even TaoBao but have absolutely no idea how to do it.

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How to measure your body for pants?

You probably faced this before: going online to shop for your clothes but are not sure what size to buy.

Fret not, let us help you by sharing with you how you can measure your own body so that you can get the right size for the pants whilst shopping online from…

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Truths behind the business of tailored men suits in Singapore

When you first search for the best place to get men suits made in Singapore, Far East Plaza or Peninsula Plaza will come to your mind. Only after plenty of trial and error did I realize that even though there are hundreds of shops selling tailored suits in Singapore, none were the people making my clothes

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Off the Rack vs Made-to-Measure vs Bespoke Suit

You need a suit! Be it a wedding suit or a business suit.

You can choose from off the rack suits or go to a tailor to get yours made to measure or bespoke. However, what are the key differences between off the rack, made to measure and bespoke?

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How to tie a tie

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