Overview of Suit Rental in Singapore

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While it is uncommon to rent suits in Singapore, such places do exist in Singapore. Perhaps you do not wish to commit financially to a suit because you do not wear often and am still growing. Or perhaps you are not certain if which fit suit you best.

If this checks all the boxes and you are attending a one off event like prom, renting a tux or suit is a more feasible option.

We have not tried any of suit rental services in Singapore but notable ones include wedding studios like Labelle Couture and Rico-A-Mona.

However, the following are reasons why you should consider tailoring instead of renting a suit

i. You cannot customize and for certain special occasions, you simply need a tux or suit that’s yours.

ii. Tailoring is affordable and renting might not be as cheap as one might think. A decent suit can cost upwards S$300-S$400 while renting a suit might not be much cheaper.

Suit Rental in Singapore might be preferable for some at some stage of life. So either way, have fun dressing up!