Quality Japanese Collar & Cuff Interlining

Top quality Japanese collar interlining used to make crisp, firm yet soft collars and cuffs. This together with our state of the art fuse press machines to ensure that the collar and cuffs are durable and does not bubble.

Quality Fabrics Purchased Direct from Reputable Mills

All our shirt fabrics are breathable, wrinkle resistant and OEKOTEX® certified. A trademark that our fabrics are certified products that are safe and of high standards.

Double Stitch Seams

Felled or double stitch seams are more durable and a sign of quality tailoring. They do not pucker, last longer and makes it easy to iron. Always insist on double stitching whenever you tailor any shirt.

Hand Shanked Button Stitching

We hand shank buttons on all our shirts. This ensures there is space between the button and shirt for a nicer aesthetic look and durability.

Experts in Asian Body Types

All our drafters or master tailors specialise in Asian cut. In our production facility, each measurement profile such as height, weight, shoulder slopes etc are also recorded and audited by our quality control team.