We are dedicated in creating personalised menswear that exude your character and personality.
We keep our prices affordable by managing our own production and fabric sourcing;
reducing unnecessary costs and maximising efficacy.

How do we do it?


In-house Production

We believe in having the greatest control in our production to ensure that our items are created to our high expectations, giving you the greatest satisfaction.

We work and consistently discuss as a team with our in-house tailors and seamstresses on improving our technique and quality.

To further enhance efficacy in our production, we make adequate investments in our equipment.
An example is our fuse press machine, which is used to produce shirt collars that can retain its shape after multiple washes.

In addition, our shirt seams are double stitched and our fabrics are specially selected based on quality, feel, durability and value.

Direct Sourcing: Eliminating Middlemen

With the right contacts and hard work, we are able to source quality fabrics and components directly.
Having the right channels allowed us to further reduce unnecessary costs and channel the savings back to you!

Through hard work sourcing and networking, we are able to purchase excellent fabrics at great prices directly from reputable wholesalers; fabrics that are at the same time used by major fashion houses.




We are highly trained and experienced to offer advices that suits your needs and preferences.

We spend a little more time during each personalised consultation to get to know you and help create items that are both suited for you and of your liking.

Visual aids are there to further enhance the experience; helping you better understand and choose every detail of your jacket, pants or shirt.
We seek to create menswear that suits you impeccably.