Do you know what's a dress shirt yoke?

Have you heard of a dress shirt yoke?

Here's what it is.
The yoke of a dress shirt is the area under the collar that drapes over the shoulders and holds the shirt’s backing over the body. It creates the crisp lines of the shirt’s backside.
There are 2 different types, namely the one piece yoke and the spilt yoke.

One Piece Yoke
A one piece yoke is made from a single piece of fabric.
You can choose from a selection of single colour shirts with either no patterns or with strong patterns (such as thick stripes in daring colours).
It is also a more classic, formal option for fine dress shirts.

Split Yoke
A split yoke is split down the middle and sewn together in the middle for additional strength and a better fit.
Splitting the shirt yoke is both functional and aesthetic.

On a good quality fabric, the warp and weft result in a fabric that is rather non-stretchable. Thus, pulling it in the horizontal or vertical direction will not make it stretch very much.
As a result, this can cause the wearer to feel a little uncomfortable when bending over.

However, a diagonal pull will make the fabric stretch. This is where a split yoke adds advantage to the shirt.
By rotating the fabric so that the pieces meet each other in an angle, the stretchability of the material is increased, enabling the yoke to accommodate movements made by the wearer. 

Spilt Yoke (L) & One Piece Yoke (R)

Spilt Yoke (L) & One Piece Yoke (R)