Why Made-to-Measure?

Our tailor working on a suit

Our tailor working on a suit

Why choose a made-to-measure service over ready-to-wear garments?

Well, the most prominent of which is that the fit of a made-to-measure garment is expected to be superior as they are tailored to fit each customer uniquely.
Hence, what you get is created solely for you.

Furthermore, made-to-measure service gives you the freedom to decide on your fabric selection and detailing.
The ability to create individualised garments is what sets made-to-measure garments apart from its ready-to-wear counterparts.

If you've been through a personalised consultation with us, you probably would've experienced how we would select the fabrics, decide on the design of your order and go through the various additional detailing together!

We believe in providing the best service as our made-to-measure service does not only offer products but goes beyond that!