5 Different Types of Buttons

We all know that buttons are made of different types of materials but do we exactly know what are the different types and why are they used?
Here's 5 different types of buttons we would like to discuss:

1. Mother of Pearl Buttons
Mother of Pearl buttons are the finest, most beautiful buttons that are available.
Their lustre, iridescence and feel are incomparable to anything else.
Mother of pearl is otherwise known as nacre and is found on shells such as oysters, freshwater mussels, abalone and trochus.
Mother of Pearl is an exclusive and highly sought after commodity and as such cannot be compared to plastic and polyester.
They are a premium product, finely crafted and beautifully prepared to serve as a timeless addition to any garment.

2. Polyester Buttons
Most buttons today are made of plastic, a suitable material for the job as it is inexpensive and fairly strong.
They are also used to replicate the various button types.
However, if a low quality resin is used, the base of your buttons will crack, and they may break within a year. 

3. Horn Buttons
The horn of water buffalo is usually wasted when the rest of the animal is processed for food. Utilising this resource to make buttons is a great way to make beautiful buttons from a sustainable source while reducing waste.
The colour of the horns varies from black to brown to white, and the colour variation is often used in the carving process to make multi-coloured carved buttons.

4.  Bone Buttons
Like buffalo horn, bones are often looked upon as a waste product.
The unwanted bones are carved into unique and striking buttons, turning refuse into income sufficient for supporting a community.

5. Wood Buttons
Wood is used throughout the world for innumerable tasks and purposes.
Processes that create wooden products, even lumber, often leave behind many scraps. These are too small to be used for many other purposes, but this waste can be prevented by carving the scraps into buttons.