Types of Dress Shirt Front Plackets

Do you know the front part of your dress shirt where the buttons are is called the placket?
And do you know that there's actually various types of designs for that and they serve different purposes?

Let us explore the 3 types of plackets that you'd typically see:

Classic Front Placket
It is the most common style of shirt placket found on dress shirts.
A classic placket front is an inch or two of fabric, either folded over or attached as a separate piece. You will rarely go wrong with this on a business shirt.
The soft front placket is very similar in style to the classic fused front placket, but with a soft, unfused construction. It is ideal for casual shirts and pairs well with a soft collar.

French/Seamless Front Shirt Placket
It provides a cleaner and plainer look. Many think of it as a very European look as compared to the Classic shirt placket.
It is versatile enough to be used on both business and casual shirts.

Covered/Concealed Front Shirt Placket
It has a flap of material on the front to conceal the buttons underneath.
It is also known as the fly front shirt placket.
It can be worn to formal events that require a tuxedo, as a covered front tends to draw attention away from the dress shirt to the bow tie.


We hope that with our sharing, you would have a better understanding of the differences to help you make informed decisions and at the same time know the design you have in mind; taking into account the use of the dress shirt and for what occasion it is for!