Fit Problem 6: Sleeves are too Long

The Problem
The sleeves of your dress shirt seem to come down too far over your hands. To find out how should the sleeve length fit, keep your arms relaxed at your sides and the cuffs of your dress shirt unbuttoned.

The sleeves should come down to the center of the back of your hand or the first knuckle of your thumb. This will ensure that your cuffs are at the optimal length when they are buttoned, which will prevent them from sliding too far over your hands or sliding up over your forearms when you bend or raise your arms.

The Solution
Ideally, we would want to achieve the most accurate sleeve length. If that cannot be achieved, shortening the sleeve can be done as an adjustment.

However, if it is not the length of the sleeves that is causing the issue, the fit of the cuffs might be the problem. Too large a cuff size will result in the cuffs coming too far down over your hand when buttoned. Tightening the cuffs can improve the fit and solve the problem.

The optimal cuff fit is one where the cuffs sit comfortably around your wrist but when buttoned, are tight enough that they do not slide too far over your hands.