Fit Problem 1: Excessive Tightness at the Stomach

For this series of blog posts, we will be talking about the various fit problem that you might face with your tailored dress shirts.
If you face any of the problems we talk about, it doesn't mean that the dress shirts are badly made but it is more a case of preference. What's important is that you feel comfortable in what you wear and look great in them!

So here's part 1 of possible fit problem; having excessive tightness at the stomach area.

The Problem
You feel excessive tightness at the stomach area when you wear your dress shirt. This could happen whether while you are seated or at all times and it is not flattering.

The Solution
To ease the tightness, simply increase the midsection width of your dress shirt. This will provide more room around the stomach as more fabric will be catered, reducing any uncomfortable tightness. It will also allow your dress shirt to drape more flatteringly around your midsection.

You may increase the midsection width by ½″.