Do You Have Table Manners?

There's so many things to take note of in terms of etiquette; however, if you just practice them enough, they can be second nature to you!
There are LOTS of books out there on polite eating etiquette but let us just share some tips with you to get you through your next meal.

Which fork do you use (first)?
If there's more than a fork on the table, it usually means that you'd be having more than one dish of food. A simple way to remember is to start from the outside and work your way in.
Use the outermost fork and leave it on your plate when you're done with the dish!

Which utensil should you use?
Well, big spoons are for soup and please remember to spoon the soup away from you, not towards. Tiny spoons are of course for your coffee or tea.
Big forks are for your main dish whereas the smaller forks are for salad. Tiny forks north of the plate are for seafood.

What are you supposed to remember during a meal?
 - Keep elbows off the table
 - Sit up straight
 - Cut your food into small bites
 - Chew with your mouth closed
 - Swallow before talking
 - Take your time to eat

What other things should you take note?
- Don’t slurp or stir things, especially spaghetti. Instead, twist your spaghetti onto your fork by placing the end of the fork on the spoon; never twist right on the plate.
- Just be nice and be aware of your companions' cultural, personal eating habits or dietary restrictions. If they are vegetarian, perhaps you can ask if it is okay for you to have a steak before actually making an order.
- When you put your knife and fork down, put them on the plate, and not on the table.
- When you butter bread, put some butter on your plate, then use the butter from your plate to butter the bread.

How do you tell the waiter that you're done eating?
If you're done with your dish, put the knife and fork together on your plate at either 4 or 8 o-clock.
If you’re still eating, separate the knife and fork on your plate at 4 and 8 o-clock.

There's definitely more things to take note of but with the aforementioned, we think that you'd be ready for a fancy restaurant!
However, the most important aspect is to ENJOY YOUR MEAL!