8 Colour Combinations You Want To Be Seen In

We come across many articles about how to dress well and look good effortlessly but this article that we'd like to share certainly make it looked so simple!

Here's some tips from the 15th district about what colours to combine to make sure that you look great! Read the article here.

The key takeaways are:
1. Avoid single coloured outfits even if it has a different tone, yes it looks good when people pull it off but it requires immaculate coordination. Instead, play around with contrast, like a bright top with a dull coloured bottom or the other way round, it’s safer and more manageable.
2. Avoid wearing tops that are similar to your skin tone, it will make you look dull and jaded.

3. If you are afraid of wearing loud colours but want to give it a try, try subtly incorporating them into your outfits, for example wear a pair of red bermuda shorts instead of a pair of red long pants that screams for attention.

Have fun with the items in your wardrobe!