Your Favourite Slim Fit Dress Shirt

Slim fit is the go-to contemporary fit for dress shirts in this modern day.
You will look fashionably smart and sophisticated in a slim fit dress shirt. Below are several areas to look out for in a slim fit dress shirt.

Check that the midsection is not too loose around your waist.
There should be about 4 – 6” inches of extra fabric in the region. Hence, when you pinch it off on the side, there should be 2 – 3” of folded fabric.
Having anything more will make you look sloppy while anything less could mean you are cutting it too close.
Make sure you consider how the midsection will fit when you are sitting down as a very slim fit may lead to pulling on the bottom button when seated.

Check that the chest width is not too loose.
Likewise, there should be about 4 – 6” of extra fabric in the region.
If it is too tight, there will be constant pulling on the button at your breastbone region, resulting in unwanted lines across your dress shirt.
If it is too loose, you will have excess fabric bunching up in all the wrong places.

Sleeve Width
A slim fit dress shirt body should be accompanied by fitting sleeves.
Sleeves should be cut close to your arms without restricting movement.
Men with longer arms should take note that a very slim fit in the arm can lead to tightness when bending their arms.

Shoulder Width
More or less, the shoulder width should not change based on type of fit. However, it is worth noting that a good slim fit dress shirt should also have a slightly narrower shoulder width.
For most men, the point where the shoulder curves down to the arm is not a precise point, but a gradual curve, hence there is always some range of acceptable shoulder widths for an individual. On a slim fit dress shirt, you will want to be on the narrower end of this range such that the shoulder seam of the shirt rides slightly higher up on the shoulder.
More relaxed fits might have the yoke come off the shoulder just ever so slightly.

Wearing a Slim Fit Shirt Tucked VS Tucked-out
A thing to consider when selecting your dress shirt fit is if you plan to wear your dress shirt tucked or tucked-out most of the time.

If you intend to wear your dress shirt tucked-in exclusively, then it will be alright to have it tighter around the midsection and having it cut to follow the shape of your torso closely and into the pants.

However, if your dress shirt is meant to be tucked-out most of the time, a slim fit dress shirt might appear to hug the hips or buttock awkwardly in an unflattering manner.
Thus, it is usually suggested that it should be less fitted around the waist and hips for dress shirts that are meant to be worn tucked-out.