Bespoke, Made-to-measure, Off-the-rack; what's the difference?

You probably have heard the terms "bespoke", "made-to-measure" and "off-the-rack" but what exactly are the differences?
Bespoke and made-to-measure are rather similar but with their on uniqueness whereas off-the-rack is something we are all very familiar of.

Read through the following to have a better understanding of each of them:

Bespoke Dress Shirts
Bespoke dress shirts are completely custom designed for you based on a pattern drawn to fit your exact body size and preferences.
Once your pattern is on file, you can order new dress shirts any time you want by simply flipping through fabric books. You have total control and virtually anything you can sketch or describe can be made.

Made-to-measure Dress Shirts
Made-to-measure dress shirts are modified based on a set of existing patterns. They can be adjusted according to your own measurements and preferences.
If you have a fairly standard body type with ordinary proportions, there is no enormous difference between made-to-measure dress shirts and bespoke dress shirts. It may or may not be worth the additional money for you to pay for a bespoke.
Your pattern adjustments can be kept on file so you can reorder when you find a new fabric you love without the need to get re-fitted.

Off-the-rack Dress Shirts
Off-the-rack dress shirts are produced based on pre-established sizes and limited shirting fabrics, often by neck size/sleeve size/chest size for men.
For example, a “15½ 32/33” would be a 15½″ neck size with a 32″ or 33″ sleeve length.